Here is a list of what you should bring, its always good to be prepared!  This list is handy because it is easy to forget something.

Food/Snacks, Drinks, and a Cooler.  Make sure you have some water with you because drinking water to stay hydrated is important.  Please no glass containers.  For when you do have some trash, please bring a trash bag.  We want to keep The Shenandoah River pristine.

To protect your feet when in the river you should bring an old pair of sneakers or if you have some ‘River Shoes’.  In addition to this you must be wary of sunburn, so bring items to protect yourself: Sunscreen, a hat and possibly a cover shirt.

You may need a seal-able water proof bag like a zip lock.  Especially if you bring your phone or camera, of course water proof is always better because you will be surrounded by water … 😉

Maybe your intention is to get some much needed fishing in, so don’t forget your fishing gear and of course a fishing license.

Unless you are extremely careful, you will probably get a little wet, so bring a spare change of clothes, keep it in your car for when you get back to the base so you can be dry on the drive home.